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Vapamore MR-1000 Commercial Steam Cleaning System

Vapamore MR-1000 Commercial Steam Cleaning System

SKU: 2101

MR-1000 Forza Commercial Steam Cleaning System In Italian, Forza stands for “strength and power.” Performance, endurance, and total value, these are the crown features of the MR-1000 Forza Commercial Grade Steam Cleaning System. Over two years of intensive development and testing were dedicated to create its robust design, resulting in one of the most innovative steam cleaners the industry has ever seen. The MR-1000 Forza has greatly improved commercial cleaning for hundreds of business owners with restaurants and kitchens, auto shops and detailing, hospitals, residential care homes, and more. Experts in pest control have also found incredible value in the MR-1000 for treatment against bed bugs, dust mites, mold, and other allergens chemical free. Infused with custom Italian manufactured CEME brand internal components with commercial grade powder coated steel construction, continuous steam flow, computer controlled operation, and the largest selection of included accessories on the market. A specially designed extra large stainless steel boiler with 1700-Watt heater and 90 psi steam output enhance the power. Built for a lifetime of use, the MR-1000 Forza is backed by superior customer service and the exclusive Vapamore Lifetime Warranty. Every Vapamore MR-1000 Forza comes with FREE technical training from Vapamore. Before using your new MR-1000 Forza contact Vapamore at 480-951-8900 or INCLUDES: Steam Gun and Hose, Accessory Tool Adapter, 2 x Jet Nozzle, 2 x Detail Scraper, 4 x Nylon Grout Brush, 4 x Med. Nylon brush, 4 x Large Nylon Brush, 4 x Small Brass Brush, 4 x Cotton Cover, 2 x Extension Tubes, 4 x Large Stainless Brush, 4 x Large Brass Brush, 4 x Micro Fiber Floor Pad, Large Elbow Adapter, Head With Bristles, Floor Head Smooth Surface, Triangle Corner Brush, Smooth Surface Squeegee, Detail Jet Tool, Bed Bug / Fabric Tool, Accessory Storage Bag, Funnel, Water Bottle and Holder.


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