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A bit about our dust!

House of Vacuums opened its doors in 1970 on Main street in High Point NC.


We are proud to be apart of the High Point community. We are locally owned and operated.

With over 100 vacuums on the floor and more than 10,000 vacuum cleaner parts in stock, it’s a virtual guarantee that customers will find what they need every time they visit. If you don’t see what you need we will gladly order for you.

Whether your home has carpet, tile, stone, laminate, or wood, all have one thing in common… they get dirty! Over the years, HOV has expanded to include more than just vacuum cleaners. We have added air purifiers, zone heaters, built-in central vacuum systems, cleaning supplies & janitorial equipment. Additionally, we offer a wide range of cleaning essentials, including products for granite, marble, and stainless steel appliances.

The employees at HOV have many years of relevant experience in the home care industry, making them well qualified to assist you in finding the best products and solutions for your cleaning needs. In those 50 years of business, we’ve seen nearly every imaginable model and variety of vacuum cleaner from the household name brand of Hoover (“It beats…as it cleans…as it sweeps”) and Eureka and Oreck…the door-to-door brands of Kirby, Rainbow, Electrolux, and Compact…To the brands dominating the markets today, like the Germans, Miele, and Sebo, the Italian engineered Lindhaus, Maylasian-manufactured Dyson and the American made Riccar.


Meet The Team


Cory Hankins 

CEO of Clean


Art Caico

Clean Home Expert


Danny Medlin





Steven Davis

Warranty & Database Administrator 


Sunny & Chico

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