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Simplicity Pixie Broom Vacuum

Simplicity Pixie Broom Vacuum

SKU: 160011190042

Unlike upright vacuum cleaners, the Simplicity Pixie is a stick vacuum. This cuts the weight down significantly. The tiny frame allows you to easily carry this vacuum upstairs, across the hall or anywhere else you need powerful suction. The pink and white Pixie has a refined, modern look.

With a 7.5 amp motor, the Pixie is powerful enough to clean a variety of surfaces. Use the spinning brushroll for carpets and the felt nozzle for wood or tile floors. It’s simply powerful, making it a great addition to the Simplicity brand. A 26-foot cord gives you enough range to clean large rooms without removing the plug.

You won’t have to worry about replacing costly bags. The Simplicity Pixie uses a spacious dust bin that is easy to empty, clean, and use for years to come. It includes replaceable HEPA media filters that remove fine particles, dander and allergens from your home. The vacuum cleaner is backed by a two year warranty.

This premium vacuum cleaner comes at a great price. The durable housing, powerful motor and lightweight design make this premium stick vacuum a competitive choice for all-around care.

    $189.99 Regular Price
    $165.99Sale Price
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