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SEBO Duo Daisy Brush CD100AM

SEBO Duo Daisy Brush CD100AM

SKU: 13149

SEBO Duo Daisy Brush

Sometimes there are messes or stains that are too ingrained into carpet fibers for conventional vacuum cleaners to have any noticeable effect.  Granted that a SEBO vacuum cleaner provides some of the highest performance imaginable for household carpet sweepers, occasionally your carpet or rug needs special attention that can only be given by a SEBO Duo carpet cleaning product.  One of the key components of the Duo household cleaning system is the SEBO Duo Daisy Carpet Brush.  Known worldwide for its light weight in conjunction with its deep, carpet cleaning capabilities, this carpet cleaning tool is one that a home owner should never be without.  It operates using a single non-motorized brush that agitates carpet fibers while spreading the stain-fighting superpower that is the Duo-P carpet cleaning powder.   Once the SEBO Duo-P Carpet Cleaning Powder is released onto the carpet, simply brush it in with the easily operated SEBO Duo Daisy Brush.

In addition to the easy-to-operate nature of this particular SEBO carpet cleaning brush, the handle is also adjustable in order to adhere to the height preferences that individuals have when ridding their homes of stains.  For added convenience, the Duo Daisy carpet brush has two different bristle options for varying carpet types. Whether you are in need of an easy, gentle clean or an aggressive, deep clean, this versatile stick vacuum-like carpet cleaner is a must have.  You can also upgrade to the motorized SEBO Duo Brush Machine.

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