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SEBO Canister Value Pack

SEBO Canister Value Pack

SKU: 11601264

This attachment kit will enhance your ability to clean more quickly and effectively. For safety, keep the vacuum at the base of your stairs and use the SEBO 9' Extension Hose to reach up a full flight of stairs. The Hand-Held Turbo Brush provides excellent cleaning of carpeted stairs and upholstered furniture with it high-speed revolving brush roll. More easily reach into those tight corners with the 24" Flexible Crevice Tool. It and the Turbo Brush are great for cleaning your car's interior. Both require the included SEBO to 1 1/4" Tool Adapter to enable them to be used on SEBO canisters. While most SEBO canister vacuums include their traditional Parquet Floor Brush, it isn't nearly as agile for reaching into those smaller areas as the Turn and Clean Parquet Floor Brush. Its 2-way swivel elbow causes it to twist from side to side as the wand is twisted, much like a Swiffer or old-fashioned dusting brush. It can even slide sideways into tight corners.


This works with all SEBO canister vacuum's.

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