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Pure Wash Pro Laundry System CS-81806

Pure Wash Pro Laundry System CS-81806

SKU: 150101

pureWash Pro Sanitizing Home Laundry System


The pureWash Pro is a passive laundry sanitizing solution. Once used only in commercial settings, this revolutionary system is now available for the home. Simply install pureWash Pro and connect to any style washing machine and watch it automatically turn ordinary water into a natural activated oxygen (ozone) infused cleaner. Ozone is a strong sterilizing cleaner that has been used in hospitals and hotels for years with proven results.


Save Time, Money, and the Environment

The pureWash Pro saves money with every wash. Once installed, wash dark and light laundry together, using only the cold water cycle, plus use up to 75% less detergent and no fabric softener. People who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin will benefit greatly since harsh soaps and bleach will no longer be needed.

Plus, pureWash Pro naturally removes residues and eliminates 99.9% mold and bacteria. The results are fresh smelling sanitized clothing. Traditional hot water and detergent can’t compare because pureWash Pro is less damaging to clothes and produces cleaner, softer, healthier laundry while eliminating chemical residue and pollution. 


Product Features

  • Easy 1 Time 20 Minute Installation
  • Connects to any style Washing Machine (Top Loader and Front Loader)
  • Oxygen Infused Water naturally cleans and sanitizes clothing
  • Use up to 75% less Detergent and absolutely no Fabric Softener or Bleach is needed
  • Save Money every cycle by using only cold water and very little cleaning liquids
  • Mix Dark and Light clothing without separating saving time and doing less laundry loads
  • Eliminates 99.9% Mold and Bacteria  
  • Perfect for sensitive skin and allergy sufferers



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