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SKU: 1600278

Reconditioned Kirby G7D Ultimate Vacuum comes loaded with tools, 1 Year Warranty, and HEPA Filtration. Save hundreds over retail. #1 one vacuum for dependability.


Comes loaded with 100% genuine Kirby tools, which include the upholstery tool, crack and crevice tool, duster brush, wall tool, floor tool, handheld tool, handheld shampooer/sprayer, blower, hose, 2 wands owner's manual and tool caddy. Everything shown in photos plus shampoo kit!!


Self-Propelled Transmission - The Kirby vacuum is the only vacuum that literally seals to your carpet and is the best deep cleaner. However, vacuuming is still so easy with the self-propelled transmission where you can literally vacuum with one finger.


All chrome has been professionally polished and buffed out.


#1 Most Dependable Vacuum & Made in the USA - Consumer Reports ranked the Kirby vacuum the most dependable vacuum and it is common to see them running perfectly for decades. Save money by buying once and buying right.


1 YEAR WARRANTY - THVC reconditioning process includes cleaning and sanitizing every part as well as thorough check and replacing any worn parts to ensure the Kirby is in perfect working order. If we put our name on it we stand behind it. Warranty covers fan, motors, bearings, and transmission.







We are in no way associated with the Kirby company.   All refurbishment of this vacuum and its warranty has been done through Triad Home & Vacuum Center and not the Kirby co. or its associates.   Since none of the work refurbishing this vacuum has been done by the Kirby company this vacuum is not considered "Factory Rebuilt" or "Factory Refurbished".   To purchase a "New" or "Rebuilt" or "Factory Rebuilt" or "Factory Refurbished" Kirby vacuum please contact the Kirby Company.


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