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Hizero F100 All-In-One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner - Onyx

Hizero F100 All-In-One Bionic Hard Floor Cleaner - Onyx

SKU: 999

and mops by using a unique high-density, gentle yet hard-wearing polymer soft surface roller, which also self cleans. Hizero UltimateClean™ technology taps into nature using bionic-based science to deliver super-smart solutions for twenty-first-century homes and lifestyles. Emulating the way animals lick up liquids and solids, our lightweight, contemporary floor cleaners are hyper-efficient and whisper-quiet.

Sweeps and mops at the same time: One step to complete cleanliness, leaving your floor clean in one easy motion.

No Suction Technology: No dust blowback or the need for hepa filters.

80 Minute Cleaning Time: An unrivalled 80-miniute run time, will allow you to clean more floor and charge less.

Low Noise Level: Quiet Like a Conversation at 60dB.

Real Time Self Cleaning: This means your floor is always being cleaned with clean roller constantly.

Waste Auto Separation: All solid and liquid muck is separated automatically into different no-spill containers that are easily cleaning.

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