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Cyclo UV Air Purifier PUV510C

Cyclo UV Air Purifier PUV510C

SKU: 1160124017

How does the portable air purifier clean the air?

  • It has one filter which contains three sections of filters: prefilter, an activated carbon filter and a high performance HEPA -H13 filter.
    • The pre-filter-works on your larger airborne particles.
    • The activated carbon filter traps your indoor odors.
    • The HEPA filter works for all particles, which would filter up to 99.75% of the air.
  • The ultraviolet light (UVC) will attack the microorganisms at the molecular level, deactivating
    and destroying viruses that are in the air.
  • The negative ionization option would further purify the air by electrically charging the air molecules. Thus, the
    ions capture the microparticles that the filters cannot capture. A complementary action to HEPA filters.

This product operates very quietly and is ideal for any areas where people will be in close proximity. This also comes with built-in WiFi and can be operated from your smartphone.

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