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CleanMax Backpack Vacuum CMBP-6.2

CleanMax Backpack Vacuum CMBP-6.2

SKU: 1300218

The CleanMax CMBP-6.2 back pack vacuum is a gold rated vacuum by the Carpet and Rug Institute for dirt removal, meaning you can get this vacuum with total confidence! If Cleanmax is able to create a backpack vacuum that cleans better than a lot of traditional vacuums, you know they must be doing something right.

The CMBP-6 Backpack Vacuum allows you to quickly sling it over your shoulders and get to work. Well-built straps from Deuter along with waist belt and hip pads ensure maximum comfort and support while you are busy cleaning.

A 50 foot cord gives you plenty of room to use the (3) carpet tools to dig out any embedded dirt and the brush on bare floor. An additional (5) full size tools give you everything a typical vacuum has to offer you, but in a much more comfortable form.


System Type: Clean Air

Motor: 8.5 Amps

Motor Protection: Yes

Filtration: HEPA Media Secondary, Micron Exhaust

Bottom Plate: ABS

Cord Length: 50 ft

Less than 70 Decibel Rating: Yes

CFM: 112

    $499.99 Regular Price
    $399.99Sale Price
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