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SKU: 1600322
  • Reconditioned D4SE Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful deep cleaning vacuum.
  • Rainbows are great and a very popular selling vacuum. They use water to filter with (no need to ever buy bags again) and last for decades (consumer reports reported them most dependable canister vacuum made). So you can use them to vacuum up wet spills (see manual for details) or shampoo your carpets.
  • Powerful motor and genuine sanitized hose with a comfortable grip.
  • This makes it very easy to transition from carpet to hard floor surface.
  • This Rainbow machine has gone through the THVC vacuum expert reconditioning process, which entails: Complete sanitation of entire unit and any worn parts that do not meet our standards.  Also includes many new parts and accessories such as belts and others as needed. We are in no way associated with the Rexair company.
  • This vacuum was reconditioned by Triad Home & Vacuum Center not the Rexair company.
  • We at THVC  offer a 1 year warranty on this Rainbow.
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